The Issues:

  • Community Engagement
  • Education and Youth Outreach

Community Engagement

Law Enforcement Committee: We must work in collaboration to set the new standard for law enforcement efficacy, particularly in majority African American communities. We are stronger together, and less effective in our silos. It is my goal to apply my experience as a law enforcement officer to ensuring that our neighboring cities are working with us to keep our communities safe. I will work to establish a strong committee of law enforcement leaders to review, “The state of public safety our cities and communities,” as well as key strategies in tackling tough issues, and maintaining strong relationships with youth, parents, seniors and families. It is my goal to insure that we work together to both serve and be trusted members and friends of our respective citizens and communities. 

Joint Public Safety Taskforce: This taskforce would serve as a think tank providing opportunities to ensure that we are utilizing our resources as cities in collaboration to increase our response rates, support each other’s efforts and ultimately maintain public safety departments that our citizens can count on. It is my vision that this taskforce would hold both private meetings as well as open forums — creating opportunities for leaders for our bordering cities and within the City of South Fulton to hear the public safety concerns and first-hand stories from our citizens both inside and outside of our district.

Employ Our Community Programming: This program will encourage businesses within our district and our city to employ our own, in particular young adults who need a “second chance,” or those who have been laid-off. Businesses participating will display a seal of opportunity on their door. This will serve as a support program, not only to help strengthen our local economy, but also to strengthen both youth and family. To become a part of this program, please fill out the form here.

Education and Youth Connections:

“We can’t police people that we don’t know and we can’t police a demographic that we don’t understand.”

“We can’t teach a child that we don’t love, we can’t teach a child we don’t understand, and we can’t teach a child we are afraid of.”

Peaceful and Productive Policing: I talk to the children and youth who run and play amongst the streets of my neighborhood. It is my goal to work with law enforcement officers within our district to ensure that they are deeply entrenched in the community, seen as mentors and protectors through attending community events, work in schools, and a series of youth events around positive decision making, higher education, servant leadership, and decoding the law.

Smart School Partnerships: I will work to create partnership programs between small businesses and government organizations within our district to ensure that those who live and work in our community are dedicated to working together to create a safe haven for our young people and trust amongst their demographic. We must be present — political leaders, community leaders, HOA presidents, PTA members, teachers, staff members, and all other adults — to decrease the public school to prison pipeline. I will lead programs and partnerships that create opportunities for our young people to work, intern, and get practical work experience that could lead to long term career success. Our programs should support the future of our youth and enable them to grow, become effective leaders, and return to South Fulton to open businesses, raise families, and be contributors to our economy.

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